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Success is the ability to serve other people by fulfilling your own potential and given gifts or talents. Without knowing your gifts it will be hard to go and fulfill your calling. I believe everyone is created to live the extraordinary life, and of course, it is not a destination, but an exciting journey.

The single most important key to achieving success is to know crystal clear what “THE SUCCESS” means to you and then make a plan or roadmap how to get there . The amazing thing about that road is that, it is a never ending process’ When you get to the TOP, you will get another perspective.


Nevertheless we come from the same town and we have graduated from the same school and the same University. I met Robert after my return to my hometown for business purposes. Always a positive and smiling leader with a clear vision how to build assets and passive income. He is a brilliant team leader, manager and visionary with a huge heart always willing to act and help others. His view of the entrepreneurial world especially the online entrepreneurial world is always a huge motivation for me and uplifting to build this segment. It is an honour to be Robert´s business partner and build our business not only in Slovakia, but in Ukraine as well. 

Ján Štofira

International Businessman

Im interested in Personal Development several years and Robert gave me better understanding what Personal Development means. I was participant on one of his trainings and it helped me to better understand some situations of my life, I made my "WHY" clear and I overcome my fears that was holding me back. I personaly recomend collaboration with Robert and one big THANK YOU goes to you Robert.

Matúš Hrunený

Business Owner 

I have known Robert personally since 2014. He was single when we first met and now is happily married and a father of two lovely daughters. That’s growth! What struck a chord between the two of us, is his Humility. I believe Humility is one of the essential traits that differentiates good leaders from great leaders and I have no doubt that Robert will eventually become one. I have followed his activities during these years both personally and professionally (thanks to Facebook and other social media) and I am not surprised to see him featured on the cover of this new book "Unlimited Success". Stories are powerful but personal stories are even more impactful when it portraits a journey full of faith, self-belief and a spirit to overcome. Add to it a never give up attitude and a fierce determination to succeed, that’s what best describes Robert's life thus far.

Dr. Owen Fernandes 

Certified Coach

John Maxwell Team

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