Hi, my name si Robert.

Husband, father of 3 daughters and published author.

I am focused and committed to bring the best of myself and best of those around me. Together we grow.

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  • Published author SuccessUnlimited 
  • CoFounder of the program #OnlineFitMama -> www.onlinefitmama.com 
  • Certified facilitator of the transformational and lifechanging training PowerDay - "Deň Plný Sily"
  • 15+ years in Education and Training industry
  • 15+ years in Leadership (trained by John Maxwell Team founder memeber)
  • 12+ years in building strong belief - peak performance framework


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Success Unlimited

The single most important key to achieving success is to know crystal clear what “THE SUCCESS” means to you and then make a plan or roadmap how to get there . The amazing thing about that road is that, it is a never ending process’ When you get to the TOP, you will get another perspective.

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